Passenger's Trip

what are the things that i wish for my birthday? —- there are so many things that i want to have and to experience but for my special day gifts are okay, greeting cards are okay too but this year i wish for something more ordinary. i want to feel that emotion again i want other people to make me cry because of happiness i know this was a silly gift to ask but the feeling of happiness you felt after people remember your day and will simply greet you a happy birthday will be greatest silly gift that i would receive .. :)

Now i know the reason why there are so many people are attracted to you even myself cannot resist this attraction i can honestly tell that the more i try to resist the more your personality shows me the reasons why you should be loved , admire and make you my inspiration. i can see this now because this time i can be with you and notice every actions you make. but why? why is that on everything you do i always care? why is that every words you said,the move you take makes my heart beats faster? why do you have to be that kind of person that can easily caught my attention even though in the past we are that close already? why didn’t i notice you?

you have a special gift, a gift that can make any people loved you by just making them realize and letting them know who you are inside and out. HE was lucky to have you whoever who he is, and there is so many competitions lately and i do not want to compete for you too. i am happy where i am now and i am still be in this same situation no matter what happens.

i used to make up early because i wanna be the first one to say good morning to you,

and go to bed late at night for the same reason that i wanna be the last one to say those beautiful good nights.

because i don’t want any regret that if someday we part ways you will say to me “where were you?” i don’t that thing to happen, but parting ways is inevitable and nothing can stop this, but even this kind of event happen i know through myself i was there for you and i spend every moment with you like it is an additional piece of puzzle that will complete the jigsaw puzzle life of mine.

but now i chose to be out of morning and your nights anymore this maybe a gayish move a guy like me will do i pinky promise to the old you  when all things are ready and when we are both ready we can be better than the past 

last night i came home from a debut party of my friend, all of my friends was there, my teachers was there we all sat in one huge table. there was laugh, hi and hello’s, taking selfies, and more chitchats about are past life when we are in high school and now that we were on college happiness and laughter overflows in me and i am thinking i wish this moment will never have an end because the classmates and teachers that always by your side became a family that supports one another through thick and thin and i am lucky that i had this kind of family even we are not close in terms of distance of our schools but we are bonded by an invisible cord that keeps us closer and closer to each other. :)


i like it when i am asleep i dream of you and me a lot but however those dream makes me feel comfortable it will come to a point that i will woke up and lived the reality that there was no you and me, there was just you and there was just me.

been there, done that, experience it, think it would be easy the nth time around but it is not. i used to be a loyal and passionate person to all the things that i wanted to do or to achieve but we can never imagine when is the time when we become tired of all the things we are doing. you became my inspiration, my reason to pursue what i have been started, i try and try and try to give a chance to us but trying would not be suffice if all the things you are trying to fix are became more bothering every time you try to fix it. and maybe to stop trying would be the best way to stop all the hesitations. i can’t decide what to do but one thing is clear i would stop courting and it bothers me a lot

Write me a TBH, stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “To be honest.”

It is funny reading my past blogs, those post i made make smile laugh and laugh and laugh over again i couldn’t imagine myself typing those long and emotional blogs because of a reason that affected me seriously but i am grateful you know why? because when i read those blogs now i see myself growing and learning from my past experiences honestly when you read all of my blogs definitely you would say ” woah so dramatic” and i bet you will laugh at me but it is okay :D i am happy having this account i can express all of my feeling through writing blogs. i can help imagining myself in the future reading this blogs with my kids and i’m sure if that happens they would say to me without any regrets “Dad your so funny” and i am excited when this kind of event happen.


And on that special day, he gave her balloons. And she swore, nothing would ever happen to it.

Everyday, she kept her routine. Daily marchings around the perimeter, keeping sharp eyes, moving sharper objects away. She didn’t want it to pop.

But no matter what she did, no matter how much she…